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Coex Sheets

XPRO offers a wide range of mono-layer and coextruded plastic sheets, produced on highly sophisticated equipment, based on various thermoplastic resins (such as PS, PP, ABS, PE, etc.), specially designed to meet specific customer needs.

Coextruded Plastic Sheets

0.20 mm to 7.00 mm
upto 1500 mm
embossed, glossy or matt
as per customer specification

Applications of XPRO sheets are limited only by imagination and standard products include sheets for :

  • Refrigerator door and cabinet liners
  • Luggage (Shell)
  • Automotive (Flooring,Trims, Panels)
  • Disposable cups and Containers Stationary (files and folders)
  • Industrial thermoforming applications, such as furniture, packaging & bathroom cabinets.