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Thermoformed Components / Refrigerator Liners

XPRO COEX have several fully automatic specialized lines for continuous vacuum forming for thickwall applications at the Greater Noida and Ranjangaon units.

These are state-of-art in-line multi-stage thermoforming plants specially designed for high production requirements with auto-sheet loading, pre-heat stations, full micro- processor control and fast tool change capabilities. Sophisticated electronic controls ensure quick machine set-up, fast and precise control of the heating elements and easy re-programming of production parameters ensuring high productivity and repeatable quality.

Primary application is for Refrigerator inner and door liners.

Thermoforming capabilities extend to include Automotive interior and exterior trims (e.g. dash boards, door panels, floor panels, etc.); Furniture; Luggage Shells; Sanitary Products (e.g. Bath-tubs, Cabinets); Electrical/electronic housings (Tubelight panels, street lamps and other light fittings); Industrial trays for material handling etc.

Thermoforming as a process offers advantages of lower tooling and prototyping costs, lower part weight, lower material costs, larger parts, good surface quality and finish and flexibility in design. At Xpro Coex product design and development is carried out through a process of collaborative engineering with key customers towards optimum design with appropriate material selection for specific end product application.
  • 5 in-line automatic sheet-fed, four-station vacuum formers
  • Each line equipped with individual hydraulic trimming press
  • Maximum Mould size: 2100 x 1500 mm
  • Maximum depth of draw: 600 mm
  • Materials handled: ABS, HIPS, Polycarbonate, PET, PETG, PP, etc.